What is Happening to the Blackmores Share Price?

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What Does Blackmores Do?

Blackmores Limited [ASX:BKL] is a natural healthcare company that develops, sells and markets such products as vitamins and herbal supplements. It operates in 14 countries and has revenues circa $450m.

What’s Happening to the Blackmores Share Price?

Here is a weekly chart of the stock…
Blackmores ASX BKL
Source: STEX

As you can see the stock has gone on a prodigious run since the beginning of the year. According to a recent analyst presentation, the company had a record third quarter performance, with profit up 125%.

What Now for Blackmores?

The company is expecting a record result to come at the end of the financial year. It has continued expansion plans in Asia to grow the company and maintain its strong performance.

It’s certainly testament to the fact that there are plenty of profitable opportunities to be found in stocks, despite some doomsayers suggesting otherwise. For more on why that is, go here .

Callum Newman
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