What the Wealthiest Are Doing to Prepare for a New System of Money

What the Wealthiest Are Doing to Prepare for a New System of Money

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is mischief making once more.

Earlier in the year, he crashed the Bitcoin [BTC] price with tweets criticising the impact of crypto mining on the environment.

Last week, at the B Word forum, Musk revealed his space exploration company SpaceX was invested in bitcoin. He disclosed personal holdings in Ethereum [ETH]. And hinted that Tesla would soon let customers buy their cars with bitcoin again.

Predictably, prices shot up.

All of this, though, is just noise.

As you’ll see later this week when we release a brand-new analysis paper to Daily Reckoning Australia readers.

The daily ups and downs of cryptos — and the accompanying media froth — are distracting you from a far more important, and potentially hugely profitable, bigger picture.

The research we’ll be dropping later this week gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s REALLY going on in the digital asset world right now.

More importantly…

It’s going to give you a five-step plan — with specific details — on what you can practically do, with your own money, right now, to take advantage.

I’m writing to Daily Reckoning Australia readers today because I think this is going to be a very useful perspective — and advice.

You see…

Society’s concept of money is changing
— almost by the day

You may have only recently entered the crypto markets, and are wary of all the recent selling.

You may be on the sidelines and glad to be there for the reason above.

Even if you’re a longstanding proponent of cryptocurrencies, you may well have had your patience and resolve tested lately.

As you’ll see in the coming ‘what-to-do-now’ guide we’re about to publish, patience, resolve, and the guts to take a few decisive steps now could be richly rewarded back to you in spades in the years to come.

Even while the prices of almost all cryptos have ground down from recent highs…the financial world has been moving inexorably towards decentralisation. (Ryan Dinse and Greg Canavan — the analysts behind the coming research paper — call this trend the ‘new game’.)

Blockchain infrastructure — the new rails of the financial world — is growing in power.

Rational nation-states are questioning the viability of their US dollar reserves…with that debt-addled country seemingly willing to print out infinite dollars.

And the tantalising idea of truly decentralised finance and investing — with a saner monetary system as a result — is gaining traction.

‘A beautiful future’: The time to claim your stake is now

As Bitcoin Magazine puts it:

Money is an integral piece of civilization, allowing societies to grow and scale without every individual having to trust one another personally. A decentralized financial system can fix the deeply-ingrained problems of our monetary system today.

A financial system free from many of the burdens and pitfalls created by trusted intermediaries and powerful masters sounds like a beautiful future we should all want to usher in.

The honest truth is cryptos are just a small part of that beautiful future.

Central banks and governments — the runners of the ‘old game’ — only survive on a trust premium.

We trust them to control money with our best interests in mind.

That’s why governments, and many in the financial world, are so openly hostile to the ‘new game’.

Truly decentralised systems are an open acknowledgment that this trust has failed.

It failed a long time ago.

And now — or at least soon — the old gamers will see the consequences.

That trust premium, whether it was earned through control of money or revenue derived from ‘managing it’, has eroded.

Be sure of this…

The wealthiest and most powerful
people in the world see what’s coming…

And, as we’ll show you later in the week, they’re moving their own wealth in response.

You would do well to do the same.

Simply put: We’re at an inflection point in investing. One that your parents or even your grandparents never had in front of them.

As the banks and old guard fight to retain power and a new, autonomous financial system starts to build; the opportunities for wealth creation right now are almost immeasurable.

But none of this means anything until you take the time to understand it.

And adjust your wealth for it.

We’re at the beginning of that “explosion part”,’ explains Dr Leemon Baird in a recent Smarter Markets podcast called ‘Understanding distributed ledger technology’.

But what does that mean, exactly?

And how do you tap into it?

The new analysis we’re about to release answers those questions.

And gives you several specific strategies.

You don’t need to subscribe to anything. The paper we’ll send to you (hopefully this Friday) will give you what Ryan and Greg think are the best approaches — including naming specific strategies and digital coins for income — free of charge.

All we ask is that you keep an open mind.

The main takeaway from all this is that the next chapter of money is closer than many in the mainstream realise.

It’s being masked by current volatility and selling in the crypto markets.

And it goes over the head of most ordinary investors.

As Ryan puts it:

I mean, tell your neighbour her dollars will be obsolete in coming years and she’ll likely shuffle off quickly with a forced polite smile on her face.

And yet the clues are already there for people who can grasp the enormity of this change…as are the opportunities.

We’ll explore those opportunities in full with you later this week.

Until then…

Now, over to Callum.


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James Woodburn,
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