When Your Money Is No Longer Yours

When Your Money Is No Longer Yours

The Bible is more than just a sacred tome that’s given meaning to billions of people around the world.

It’s also a pretty good how-to guide for honest living.

Take stealing.

There’s a lot this holy text can teach us about thievery.

But would you pass its strict criteria for theft today?

The Bible says thou shalt not steal.

Like most law-abiding citizens, you probably don’t think of yourself as a thief.

But is that true?

No, perhaps you didn’t pocket that shiny wristwatch without paying.

And maybe you didn’t swipe carrots instead of avocados at the self-service checkout.

But chances are you’ve probably told a white lie or two on your tax returns.

No big deal, we don’t blame you. It’s an honest mistake.

But what about that $20 note you found lying haplessly on the pavement?

Heck, how are you meant to find its rightful owner?

You can’t, it’d be impossible!

Just don’t let the man upstairs know what you’ve done.

You see, taking anything for yourself without the consent and permission of its rightful owner, whatever the circumstance, is little more than outright theft in the eyes of God.

And that’s a sin not without severe punishment.

In fact, the Bible makes it clear that no thief shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

And you know what?

It must be a very lonely place up there right now.

Just as common as petty theft today is larceny on a grander scale.

There’s not a day that goes by that someone or something doesn’t attempt to defraud the gullible and unsuspecting among us.

Yet the biggest sinners are not the crypto hackers. Or the scam artists lining your spam folder. Or even the robot cold callers interrupting your dinner.

The ones who have a special place reserved ‘down under’ are those that we’re meant to trust with protecting our money and property.

Yes, the biggest thieves are undoubtedly governments and bankers.

Because we can’t live without them, we’re left wide open to their mischief, of which there is plenty.

We don’t even mean the kind of mischief that offers low interest rates while the value of your money erodes through inflation.

Or when governments steal your productivity, labour and land through taxes.

We’re talking about blatant theft and refusal to acknowledge your right as the owner of your money.

This is not without precedent.

It’s old hat now, but this kind of theft is exactly what occurred in Cyprus.

Just three short years ago, the Cypriot economy was a ticking time-bomb, with its banks staring over the cliff.

To stave off disaster, the IMF stepped in and loaned the island nation €10 billion.

But the loan came with strings attached.

In exchange for the capital injection, the IMF demanded control over the Cypriot banking system.

Seizing control, the IMF froze the entire Cypriot financial system in turn for its ‘generosity’.

There was no way for the average man or woman on the street to access their money.

ATMs simply shut down.

Entire branches shut up shop, some with no intention of ever reopening.

What followed was wealth extraction on a grand scale.

The IMF essentially ‘stole’ up to 10% of ALL cash in Cypriot bank accounts.

It justified this by calling it a ‘levy’.

That’s the price regular citizens had to pay for their government’s missteps.

The IMF simply froze every account by controlling a handful of the country’s biggest banks.

Could something like that ever happen in Australia?

According to former CIA adviser and bestselling author Jim Rickards, the next financial crisis could usher in these same practices not just in Australia but across the Western world.

It’s part of what he sees as a coordinated and simultaneous attack on the global financial system.

A plan he calls ‘Ice-Nine’.

If this Ice-Nine plan goes into effect, the money in your bank the money in your stock brokerage account the money you’ve got set aside for retirement could, in effect, become like a jewel in a glass case at a museum.

You’ll be able to look at it.

But you won’t be able to touch it.

And even more worrying, you won’t actually own it.

Sounds scary, right?

During the next financial crisis, Jim is convinced there’ll be a coordinated worldwide plan to freeze everything you own.

We’re talking about your saving account FROZEN. Imagine not being allowed to withdraw any cash from ATM machines.

Your brokerage account FROZEN. Picture not being able to sell and liquidate any of the stocks you own.

Your retirement account FROZEN. All that money you thought you had saved up — access denied.

Market accounts safe deposit boxes bank-owned vaults.


But that’s the Ice-Nine plan in a nutshell.

And before you dismiss the possibility, always remember that the elites have done this before.

Just ask the average Cypriot or Greek.


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Mat Spasic,
For The Daily Reckoning Australia