Your Financial Game Plan 2022

Your Financial Game Plan 2022

We’ve been looking at land these last few days.

As I showed you on Monday (Karl Marx Stole My Land), land and land prices are crucial to every aspect of the economy — yet very few economists pay them proper attention.

But as we explored yesterday (Is Everyone Benefitting but You?), if you DO put land at the heart of your analysis, everything we’re seeing in today’s markets makes sense.

Property, stock, and commodity prices are pushing to new highs because we’re entering a critical part of the land cycle. Understanding that helps explain everything.

Not only that, but it also helps predict what’s coming next.

And that’s why today we’re revealing five smart moves you can make with your money to capitalise on what’s happening.

There’s never been a more important — or urgent — time to have a clear plan.

There are plenty of people out there claiming we’re on the verge of economic Armageddon. Yet markets keep roaring higher.

There’s risk out there, for sure. But there’s also huge opportunity.

Make the right moves today — whether that’s in property, stock, or commodity markets (or all three) — and there’s no doubt there’s money to be made in my mind.

Potentially, a lot of it.

But you need to be smart.

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And you need a clear plan.

Which is why you should make time to watch this special video presentation.

Join me, Catherine Cashmore, and our Publisher — and we’ll share five shrewd moves you can make with your money today to position yourself for potential gains in 2022 and beyond.

We’ll walk you through every one of these moves now.

Stocks, property, commodities –— the lot. You’ll walk away with a bucketload of ideas and a clear game plan you can use to position your money moving into 2022.

This whole event is free.

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You might be surprised to hear how positive I am about real estate. You only need to take a look at the financial press to see why…though, the connection is not always obvious.

The Australian Financial Review reports this morning:

The dividend shower for shareholders of Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton is set to continue in the coming months, with the mining giants each expected to declare dividends of some US$8 billion thanks to a resurgent iron ore price.

What does this tell us? BHP and Rio Tinto are crazy profitable still! That means they can pay huge wages and dividends. (By the way, I hammered the point in The Daily Reckoning Australia to buy these two for income late last year.)

For today, however, I believe that this astonishing wealth being generated is going to flow back to Western Australian mining towns and Perth property.

My colleague Catherine Cashmore reported yesterday this as well…

The McGowan government is set to pump millions into the economy once the state borders open. 

They’ve committed to spending $65 million attracting tourists and migrants.

The idea is to promote WA as a “safe and welcoming” destination.
It’s a campaign aimed at doctors, nurses, secondary teachers, backpackers, skilled migrants etc.

International students will be offered monetary support for accommodation and money will also be spent attracting “blockbuster international events”.

This will produce the necessary boost to population growth to spur real estate prices higher.

It’s all going to feed into the land boom we’ve been forecasting since 2019.

All those mild, even bearish, calls on property tend to relate to Sydney and Melbourne. The mainstream press forgets that half the Australian population lives in the other states!

They have not had the same big runs as the two biggest cities. That means they have room to move up higher.

Indeed, one thing leads to another. Melbourne and Sydney are not cheap. That means people eventually ditch them to get better bang for their buck elsewhere.

I have two old school mates who have moved to Queensland in the last few years.

But the secret of the land cycle is that it’s not just about property. It drives returns in the stock market too.

If you own bank shares, you’re essentially buying mortgage debt. It’s basically how they make their money.

I could go on for a long time about all this. Instead, I urge you to tune in right now for the five ‘smart money’ moves you should be making today!

Until then…

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